Limited Editions and Multiples

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Peter Alexander: Judy, 1995
Peter Alexander: Lucille, 1995
SOLD OUT Shannon Ebner, The Sun as Error special edition
William Eggleston: Untitled (Los Angeles), 1994/2010
SALE John Follis & Gerald Ratto: 'Arts & Architecture' Signed Print
Ken Gonzales-Day Ltd Edition Print
Gronk: Salad Days, 1998 Limited Edition Print
Mick Haggerty: ✓/X, 2009
alt = "david-hockney-extending-limited-edition-print"
Salomon Huerta: Untitled (Back of Head on Orange Field), 2002
cover image of Richard Hunt: Untitled, 1980
Dave Lefner: Cuando Yo Cresca (When I Grow Up), 2003
SOLD OUT : Glenn Ligon: 2000-2099, 2011
Aaron Morse: Deerslayer, 2006
Ed Moses: PARTS-DARC, 1993
Alex Prager-Mezzanine-Center, 2016
Leland Rice: Wall Site/Spray Booth, 1978
Rocklen, Ry. Trophy Modern Chess Set (basketball)
SOLD OUT David Salle: Vista
Ricky Swallow: "Envelope/collar study (after D.G.)"
Mungo Thomson: Font Study (TIME), 2011
SOLD OUT James Welling: Glass House Spring, 2008 (printed 2012)
William Wiley: Nothing...Is As It Seems, 1986
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