Dr. Licky Microfreak by the Haas Brothers


Meet Dr. Licky, part of the limited edition Microfreaks Daybreak Collection by the Haas Brothers. Based in Los Angeles, Simon and Nikolai Haas work in various materials in their design practice. Their company has become a multifaceted operation—producing original furniture pieces, special props for print and video, one-of-a-kind fashion pieces, and materials consulting and fabrication. These handcrafted works of art were born from a collaboration between the Haas Brothers and a group of female artisans known as the Haas Sisters of Lost Hills. Because of this partnership, 30% of profits benefit the rural community of Lost Hills in California's Central Valley.

Dr. Licky is a creature of the rainforest. With her elongated tongue, she licks, tastes, and explores the countless mysterious microorganisms, plants, and insects teeming in the tropical terrain. She also aids in the discovery of new medicines to share with the world. They are an acquired taste.

-Signed and numbered out of 500

-Czech and Venetian beads, Pewter base, double brass-plated and 18k gold-plated and hand-polished three times.

-Weight 2.75 lbs

-Dimensions 4.75 in x 4.75 in x 3.25 in

-$100 shipping and handling charge

-Ships directly from the Haas Brothers within 15 days of purchase

-No discounts are eligible

SKU: 63358

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