Daidō Moriyama: Buenos Aires. 2012


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Daidō Moriyama: Buenos Aires. 2012

Daidō Moriyama is a Japanese street photographer best known for his confrontational, black-and-white images depicting the contrast of traditional values and modern society in postwar Japan. Notable for his rejection of technical precision in favor of the grainy and high-contrast images produced by a compact camera, the artist captures a diaristic experience of wandering city streets. “The city has everything: comedy, tragedy, eulogy, eroticism,” he has remarked. “It is the ideal setting, the place where people’s desires are interwoven. It has remained and will always remain my natural element.” Born on October 10, 1938 in Osaka, Japan.

- Limited edition photograph
- Sheet: 22 x 17 in. (55.88 x 43.18 cm)
- Signed and (not numbered) edition of 15

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