Cloisonné Butterflies Sticker Collection


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Cloisonné is a labor-intensive variety of enamelware decorated with intricate designs made by attaching wires to a copper core, applying ground-colored glass to the cells formed by the wires, then firing the piece at high temperatures. The final step in the cloisonné-making process is polishing: each object is buffed with as many as fourteen different polishing stones, producing a perfectly smooth finish.

A bountiful sticker collection sheet with uplifting butterflies taken from the cloisonné objects in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) collection. 

Perfect for brightening stationery, journals, and phones. 

This 7x7 inch sticker sheet contains 21 unique kiss-cut stickers spot-printed with multiple colors on metallic vinyl. 

- 7x7 inch sheet with 21 nested stickers
- 7x7 inch marble paper print revealed with peel
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