Corita Kent "Art Department Rules" Tile - Aqua


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This tile features Sister Mary Corita Kent's ten rules for her art students during her time as a college professor. This tongue-in-cheek series of rules aren't just for art students -- they're for everyone hoping to lead a successful and happy life!

Use this decorative tile as a daily reminder to do your best, bring out the best in others, and not to take life too seriously. Don't forget, according to rule no. 10, you are free to break your own rules at any time!

Corita Kent was an artist, activist and educator whose teachings influenced many artists in Los Angeles. Works by Kent (United States, 19181973) are in LACMA's permanent collection and were included in the exhibition California Design, 1930–1965: “Living in a Modern Way."

- 6 x 9 inches
- Tile has felt pads underneath, to protect furniture
- Made in Southern California

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