Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up


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In 1954, following her death, Frida Kahlo’s possessions were locked away in the Casa Azul (Blue House) in Mexico City, her lifelong home. Half a century later, her collection of clothing, jewelry, cosmetics and other personal items was rediscovered.

Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up offers a fresh perspective on the life story of this extraordinary artist, whose charisma and powerful sense of style continue to captivate. Never before seen, specially commissioned photography, shot at the Casa Azul in Mexico City show her distinctive Mexican outfits along with her self-portraits, an unprecedented pairing that is enriched by iconic images of the artist.

Includes six inset booklets, containing photographs of Kahlo’s most intimate possessions. 16 page section showcasing Kahlo’s wardrobe, specially conserved and mounted. Spectacular details of embellishments and textiles.

- Hardcover
270mm x 216mm 
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