Walead Beshty: Natural Histories


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Walead Beshty: Natural Histories was written by Nicolas Bourriaud, Suzanne Hudson, Bob Nickas and Walelad Beshty. This new expanded edition gives a ten-year overview of Los Angeles-based artist Walead Beshty (born 1976), and elucidates his approach to photographic and sculptural representation. Most recently, Beshty's work has concentrated on themes of production, making use of mundane procedures like air travel or mailing a package.

In-between time has always been central to Walead Beshty's work, be it depopulated modernist housing developments that sit precariously between evacuation and demolition ("Excursionist views"), plants, weeds, and vegetation contained within isolated highway medians ("Island Flora"), or abandoned shopping malls ("American Passages").

- Paperback
- 192 pages, 9.2 x 11 x 0.8 in.
- 97 color and 97 b&w illustrations
- 2014
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