The Architect Says: Quotes, Quips and Words of Wisdom


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The Architect Says: Quotes, Quips and Words of Wisdom was written by Laura S. Ducshkes.

If there's anything architects like doing more than designing buildings, it's talking about architecture. Whether musing about their inspirations (a blank sheet of paper, the sun hitting the side of a building), expanding on each other's thoughts (on materials, collaboration, clients, and constraints), or dishing out a clever quip, architects make good copy. 

The Architect Says is a colorful compendium of quotations from more than one hundred of history's most opinionated design minds. Alternately wise and amusing, this elegant gem of a book makes the perfect gift for architects, students, and anyone curious about the ideas and personalities that have helped shape our built world.

- Hardbound
- 160 pages, 7 x 4-3/4 x 2/3 inches
- 2012

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