Stickers Vol. 2: From Punk Rock to Contemporary Art


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STICKERS 2 is the new bible of the adhesive art form—a visual history of fine art and street art in one of its most elemental, accessible, provocative, and ubiquitous forms. -with 16 pages of collectible stickers
Cheap, democratic, easy to ‘tag,’ and not always fast to fade, the sticker has been an ever-present medium—from the New York and London underground punk scenes to skate culture and political expression. Featuring more than 3,000 images of stickers from the global world of street expression—where DIY culture meets music, graffiti, design, and branding—Stickers 2 is a comprehensive record of an art form whose appeal lies in the juxtaposition of transience and significance.
STICKERS 2 illustrates the timeline of this pastime, from counterculture to politics, it’s 2019 chapters include -  Music: Punk Rock to Electronic music, Skateboarding, Streetwear, Graffiti, Fine Art, Political Activism, however Volume 2 goes even further than its predecessor, with chapters on the origins of Surf culture and the BMX bike world.

- Paperback
- 256 pages, 9 x 11 11/16in.
- 125 removable stickers
- Published 2019

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