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For Wear LACMA Rene Holguin, the founder of RTH, has taken his leather feather necklace and modified it with a black beaded medallion to reflect elements from some of LACMA’s most beautiful and poignant portraits in the Latin American and American Art collections. The long cord can be reknotted to adjust length.

RTH is an accessories and clothing brand inspired by "global truths" with a shop in West Hollywood. Holguin grew up in El Paso, Texas and learned about design, craftsmanship and leather from his father, who owned Laramie Boot Co. Knowing that people are attached to something that is individual, RTH was created following his mantra "style is intuitive."

Holguin was inspired by portraits including that of No-Tin, a Chippewa Chief by Henry Inman; an early 19th century portrait of an African American sailor by an unknown painter; the portrait Pepita by Robert Henri; and a portrait of a woman by Felipe Santiago Gutiérrez.

Wear LACMA is an art and fashion project created by some of Los Angeles's top designers, featuring unique pieces inspired by LACMA's collection and exhibitions. Designed in California, these items are sold at the LACMA Store and online, with all proceeds benefiting the museum. This project was created by LACMA's Director's Circle.

- Leather and beaded medallion
- Feather: 2.75 x 4 inches
- Medallion: 0.75 inches
- Knotted cord: approx 34 inches long
- Made for Wear LACMA
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