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Renzo Piano (Italy, 1937) studied architecture at the Polytechnic in Milan. Since winning the competition to design the Centre Pompidou in Paris (1971) along with Richard Rogers, Piano has become a prominent figure on the international architectural scene, with more works constructed outside Italy than in his own country. Piano brings a similar approach to both the small and the large scale. He has directed projects of very varying sizes: small buildings like the travelling IBN Pavilion and the Brancusi Museum; and great megastructures like Kansai's International Airport Terminal built on a man-made island in the Bay of Tokyo, and the remodeling of Berlin's Potsdamer Platz where work is scheduled to be completed in 2002.

This book is packed with four-color photographs of exteriors and interiors, detailed plans, generous layouts and brief, comprehensive texts. Paco Encensio, editor.

- Hardcover
- 80 pages,
- Many color illustrations
- 2002

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