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An activity book that shows children how to bend reality with just a camera and a playful outlook.

Photo Adventures is an activity book by photographer and professional fun-maker Jan von Holleben, who reveals his secrets to making magic with no more than a camera or smartphone and a playful approach. With the aid of props lying about the house, and a generous dose of imagination, children will discover how to pretend to fly like a superhero by turning the ground into the sky; use photo collages to create a “brain x-ray” of what’s hiding in their heads; teeter their parents on top of a tower using tricks of perspective; devise an impossible machine by combining junk with a tight picture crop; and transform siblings into one-eyed, three-legged monsters using a mirror and a sharp camera angle.

Featuring pro tips and secret tricks, Photo Adventures shows that there’s more to photography than tech wizardry or applying a filter. Using just a basic digital camera or camera phone, these addictively playful projects are readily accessible, not to mention enormous fun, for the whole family.

- Ages 6-8
- 96 pages, 7.4 x 9.9 x 0.5 inches
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