Sleeping Cat Netsuke (LACMA Reproduction)


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This Sleeping Cat reproduction netsuke will fit snugly in the palm of your hand. Its red bow has faded to pink and its short tail shows that it is a Japanese bobtail. Cats were introduced into Japan about 1500 years ago and are revered for their loyalty, are considered to have protective powers and symbolize good luck.

Netsuke were used as both toggle and counterweight to help suspend hanging purses or boxes from the sash of a man's kimono. This is a hand-painted reproduction of an original ivory netsuke cat by Kaigyokusai Masatsugu in LACMA’s Raymond and Frances Bushell Collection.

Reproduction hand-painted polymer netsuke
- Approximately 1 inch high
- Beautifully gift-boxed with legend
- Imported for LACMA

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