Madani, Tala. Tala Madani: Rip Image


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The catalogue for Madani's first major museum exhibition, Rip Image is a gleefully provocative deconstruction of masculinity and its normative signifiers. Madani's paintings flit between the smooth stylization of calligraphy and unsettlingly scatological; they're tantalizingly close to being purely aesthetically appealing, but the compromised aesthetics underscore the inherent difficulty of interpreting these paintings. Are they condemnations of a hypocritical masculinity? Playful reminders of sublimated homoeroticism? Taking a clue from its title, Rip Image offers no clear answers, just a fragmented cacophony of male bodies.


- Paperback

- 184 pp., 117 color illustrations, 2 b/w

- 11.3 x 8.8 x .5 inches

- Koenig Books, 2013

SKU: AC4693
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