Los Ciebos Vaso de Los Murciélagos (Vase of the Bats)


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The large Vaso de Los Murciélagos (Vase of the Bats) was made by Los Ciebos - ARTE MAYA - and is a reproduction of a cylinder Mayan vase. The works that Los Ciebos create are inspired by the traditional, ancient styles of the Maya Classic Period (250–900 CE). Everything is made by hand using ancestral techniques. The clay is gathered from the mountains near Palenque, Chiapas. The semi-gloss finish is achieved by rubbing the carefully prepared surfaces with quartz stones. The colors are authentic–the result of natural pigments produced at the studio using locally-gathered oxides.

Rodrigo Martín Morales, his sister Patricia Martín and her husband Julián are the heart of Los Ciebos and create ceramics based on pre-Columbian techniques and themes. They live in Muna, a small town in the Yucatán peninsula. 

LACMA’s collections include over 2000 pre-Columbian ceramic works.

- Low-fire ceramic vase
- Marks are intentional
- Approximately 7 inches in diameter and 6 inches high
- Made in Mexico
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