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Open the bottle of fragrance, smell quickly and think of light citrus, roll a dab - or more - of Tonae easily on your wrist and be prepared for something entirely different - warm but light, is that sandalwood or amber? The scent of light filtering through leaves and flowers at dusk? 

This fragrance rollette was created for LACMA by L'Oeil du Vert, a Los Angeles-based artisanal fragrance house founded by fragrance designer Haley Alexander van Oosten. Through the distillation, design, and composition of trees, flowers, plants, minerals, and their essences, L'Oeil du Vert seeks to facilitate transformational experiences through artful contact with nature.

The designer has created an exclusive botanical fragrance for WEAR LACMA which she named "Tonae' inspired by Francois Montauti's bronze relief Triumph of Neptune and Europa from the museum's European art collection. Tonae imagines Europa's ravishment by Zeus. With saffron and wild flowers cast in a patinated amber, Tonae celebrates our unbridled yearning to be transported by divinity.

WEAR LACMA is an art and fashion project featuring small-run pieces created by some of Los Angeles's top designers and inspired by the museum's permanent collection or buildings. The project was sponsored by LACMA's Director's Circle.

- 8 ml 'Tonae' fragrance with rollette 
- Enclosed in a raw silk pouch adorned with a bronze seashell and a special LACMA tag
- Created in Spring 2013 for WEAR LACMA

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