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SOLD OUT: L'Oeil du Vert On Wings of Iris for LACMA Scented Wrist Feather

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L'Oeil du Vert's founder and fragrance designer Haley Alexander van Oosten has created a custom scented wrist feather for the Wear LACMA: 50th Anniversary Edition. "On Wings of Iris for LACMA." is an oil-based custom botanical fragrance that pairs essences of ethereal blue lotus and green frankincense with transcendent essence of orris. Crafted with sterling silver, vintage ebony and silk cord, the feather handle holds a pair of hand dyed and scented sustainable ostrich feathers. A handblown glass stoppered vial of scenting oil is included to refresh the feathers.

L’Oeil du Vert is a Los Angeles-based artisanal fragrance house. Through the distillation, design, and composition of trees, flowers, plants, minerals, and their essences, L’Oeil du Vert seeks to facilitate transformational experiences through artful contact with nature.

This scented feather bracelet was inspired by an Egyptian silver sculpture of a feather, seen here. Feathers had several meanings in ancient Egypt, and were the symbol of Ma'at, the goddess of truth and order.

Wear LACMA: 50th Anniversary Edition: Wear LACMA is an art and fashion project featuring limited-edition pieces created by some of Los Angeles’s top designers and inspired by the museum’s permanent collection and exhibitions. These one-of-a-kind fashion items will be sold at the LACMA stores and through Farfetch.com with all proceeds benefiting the museum. This project was created by LACMA’s Director’s Circle.

- Custom wrist feather with fragrance
- Wrist: sterling silver, vintage ebony and silk cord
- L'Oeil du Vert wood box
- Designed and made in California for Wear LACMA
- This item cannot be shipped outside the U.S.

SKU #31963 - SOLD OUT

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