Life, Myth, and Art in Ancient Greece


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Life, Myth, and Art in Ancient Greece is a superbly illustrated guide to the ideas, beliefs, and achievements of this extraordinarily creative culture.  Ancient Greek culture is one of the vital wellsprings of Western civilization. It has shaped its art and architecture, its drama and literature, and its philosophy and politics.

Organized by themes such as Images and Imagination and Pride, Fate, Glory, each chapter includes a number of short sections on a particular topic as well as several specific features--concepts, individuals, or sites such as Mt. Olympus or the Parthenon--related to one of these topics. Included in the book are the adventures and conflicts of heroes from Herakles to Odysseus; the stories of such gods as Apollo and Aphrodite; the Dionysian revels; the noble ideals of the Olympic games; the Eleusinian mysteries, so secret that today we can only speculate about what they involved; and an overview of the Greeks' notable achievements in art and temple architecture.

- Paperback
- 144 pages, 10 x 9.8 x 0.4 inches
- 110 color illustrations
- 2004

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