Koh, Terence. Terence Koh: Terence Koh (Whitney Museum of Art)


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Terence Koh (Whitney) is a joint catalogue for Koh exhibitions that ran separately at the Whitney and at the Kunsthalle Zurich. The catalogue's separated into two distinct sections, though they play off of each other and intersect at various points: the first section contains minimalist environments in which the façade of minimalism is just beginning to crumble, and the second is a series of photographs documenting a performance piece involving candles, skeletons, and body paint. Regardless of form or context Koh's work explores breakdowns, auras, and the construction of meaning that's slowly chipped and eroded.

 - Paperback
- 113 pp., 11.3 x 7.5 x .5 inches
- 2007, Yale University Press

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