Greek Art and Archaelogy, c. 1200-30 BC


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Greek Art and Archaelogy, c. 1200-30 BC presents a systematic survey of Greek art and archaeology from the collapse of Mycenaean civilization to the dissolution of the Ptolemaic realm. The book begins by covering the basic principles of archaeological research as well as a concise survey of the developments that led to the establishment of classical archaeology as an academic discipline. Developments in Greek art and archaeology in the Early Iron Age, the Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic periods follow. Through concise, systematic coverage of the main categories of classical monuments, the reader is taken on a tour of ancient Greece through the most important period in its history, the first millennium BC.

Architecture and city planning, sculpture, painting, pottery, metallurgy, jewelry, and numismatics are some of the areas covered. The book covers the essential in ancient Greece, and is divided into accessible sections including case studies, terminology, charts, maps, a timeline, and full index. Designed as an academic textbook, this will interest anyone seeking a detailed survey of the most important material remains of ancient Greek civilization.

Originally written by Dimitris Plantzos in Greek, it is now expanded with additional material and illustrations and translated by Nicola Wardle.

- Paperback
- 304 pages, 8.6 x 10.9 x 0.8 inches
- Illustrated
- 2016

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