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Ganesha Bronze

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Our Ganesha is based on a 12th century stone sculpture, Ganesha, Lord of Obstacles, in LACMA's South and Southeast Asian permanent collection. The original once graced a subsidiary shrine in a temple in South India. He holds his attributes - broken tusk, battle axe, noose and sweetmeat (which he scoops up with his trunk). Although he is a Hindu god, Ganesha is much beloved by people throughout the world as destroyer of hindrances and as the god of education and wisdom.

This bronze was created by Los Angeles artist Tamara Hensick. She sculpts her designs in wax and clay and then these models are hand-cast locally in bronze. This is the third piece that she has done exclusively for LACMA.

- Each Ganesha is numbered on the base
- Approximately 3 inches high
- Sits on steel base
- Designed and made in Southern California

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