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Falls, Sam. Sam Falls: Paint Paper Palms [out of print]

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The catalogue, Sam Falls : Paint Paper Palms, consists of 27 reproductions of the artists mixed media constructions.

Sam Falls : Paint Paper Palms was published by Dashwood Books and printed in Iceland by Oddi Printing.

The artist describes his interests within his artmaking: "Painting and photography are inherently linked in my mind; the goal is to engage them with presence." In Sam Falls : Paint Paper Palms we see the artist's preoccupation with continually reexamining historical painting movements from Modernism to Abstraction into his reworkings of original compositions which are photographed and painted upon.

Out of print. Limited edition of 500 copies.


-Unpaginated. Chiefly illustrated with color plates. Includes list of works.

-24.5 cm h x 18 cm w x .5 cm spine


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