Poster by Jen Liu for Pink Slime Caesar Shift: Electropore (2021)


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In Pink Slime Caesar Shift: Electropore (2021), Jen Liu continues to explore how insurrectionist ideas might be transmitted and received, using genetic engineering as a narrative vehicle to look at how industrial labor, global environmental racism, and myths of techno-optimism work in tandem. In this piece, Black and Asian womxn form an electrical closed loop: Their bodies are used to generate electricity, while they also consume it (with multiple cheap gadgets). What each performer does affects the others, but each is also deeply isolated, and the whole system operates in an infinite loop. This work responds to Fred Ho and Ann T. Green’s Warrior Sisters (2000), a jazz opera full of hope about feminist Black and Asian coalition in a speculative sci-fi realm. Electropore “electroshocks” Warrior Sisters' original musical score while asking: What might a real shared base of future coalition be, if not the biopolitics of digital exploitation? 


Poster printed for the world premiere of the art video, Pink Slime Caesar Shift: Gold Loop (2020-21) at Contemporary Art Museum St Louis, Spring 2021.  Drawing by artist, integrating visual elements and 3D animation from the video, production credits also listed. 

-Edition of 500

-Size info: 18 x 24 inches

-Digital press print on 80# Cougar paper



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