Paul McCarthy: The Box (SIGNED)


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Paul McCarthy: The Box, is signed on the inside of the front hardboard cover. The book highlights a major new work by Paul McCarthy (b. 1945)  that refers to both the physical and the mental space of artistic creativity. The Box is McCarthy’s reflection on the phenomenon of the artist’s studio.

As inconspicuous as any other plain moving box from the outside, the interior of the work reveals a striking, barely comprehensible diversity of things that inhabit this intimate and ever-changing incubator for artistic ideas. First, McCarthy constructed a model of a barn-like space in Pasadena, California, which served as his studio during the 1970s. Turned on its side 90 degrees, along with its approximately 3,000 objects--from a bulky steel cabinet to a pencil--the work compels a disorienting shift of perception in the viewer, which is impressively extended into the tactile quality of the book and its abundance of images.

Editor Joachim Jäger, text by Stacen Berg, Joachim Jäger, Nick Herman, Michael Diers, Donatien Grau, Paul McCarthy, and Eva Meyer-Hermann, graphic design by Nick Herman and Paul McCarthy.

- Signed by the artist at LACMA
- Bilingual edition, English and German
- Hardboard cover with die-cut  opening
- 256 pages, 8.4 × 12.1 × 1 inch
- 193 color illustrations
- 2014
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