James Turrell Light Reignfall Women's Long Sleeve Shirt in Hawaiian Blue by re:la for Wear LACMA


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re:la (regarding los angeles) is a collection inspired by the creative culture of Los Angeles.

The project was created by Katherine Ross and Angelique Soave to celebrate their love of L.A. and the creative community that thrives in a county of over 10 million people. The products include works and quotes by artists expressing what they love about Los Angeles. The collection will always include an ongoing opportunity to rethink and reimage the history of Los Angeles, its life and its society.

Inspired by James Turrell’s Perceptual Cell work Light Reignfall, re:la has created a group of t-shirts, bomber jackets, and baseball hats for Wear LACMA that reflect the artist’s ideas about light and the act of seeing. Light Reignfall is a freestanding enclosed structure that provides an immersive experience for one viewer at a time. The experience reveals the multi-dimensional power of light and the complexities of the human eye and creates an environment where the viewer is bathed in a light and color.

The quote on the back of the T-shirt:

Light is not so much something that reveals, as it is itself the revelation.

- t-shirt in three color options: Sodalite, Hawaiian( Light Blue), and Sangria
- 50% supina cotton, 50% micro modal
- Made in the U.S.

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