The LACMA holiday ornament created by The Haas Brothers


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This LACMA holiday ornament was created exclusively for the LACMA Store by the Haas Brothers. The designers looked to the LACMA exhibition Drawing Surrealism for inspiration, specifically the drawing technique decalcomania (the process of transferring designs from paper to surfaces).

For this ornament, a balloon covered in curing resin is expanded and contracted. The moving latex forces the soft resin to form a beautiful natural pattern, similar to the way fingers and toes wrinkle in water. Based in Los Angeles, Simon and Nikolai Haas work in a variety of materials in their design practice. Their company has grown to become a multifaceted operation—producing original furniture pieces, special props for print and video, one-of-a-kind fashion pieces, and materials consulting and fabrication. 

- Resin ornament
- Approximately 7 inches long
- Made in L.A. for LACMA
- Comes in a custom black box with black tissue and information card 

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