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Chinese Paintings from Japanese Collections was written by Stephen Little and Christine Yu and published to coincide with Chinese Paintings from Japanese Collections exhibition organized by LACMA.

Filled with magnificent examples of Chinese paintings from four dynasties, and spanning the 8th through the 17th century, this book traces Japan’s role in preserving part of China’s cultural heritage.

Forty masterpieces of the Tang, Song, Yuan, and Ming dynasties that made their way to Japan over a period of eight centuries are presented, a high point in the cultural exchange between China and Japan,These paintings are also significant as mirrors of the two cultures. The book explores themes such as the role of Japan in preserving key parts of China’s cultural and artistic heritage; the aspects of Japanese identity that derive from traditional Chinese culture; the use of Chinese paintings as models for key traditions of Japanese painting; and the use of Chinese paintings as status symbols in Japan. In-depth analysis and exquisite reproduction of each painting, including its religious or secular significance and provenance in China and Japan are found inside the covers of this beautiful book

- Hardbound
- 176 pages, 11 x 9-1/4 inches
- 125 full color illustrations
- 2014

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