City of Cinema: Paris 1850–1907

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City of Cinema: Paris 1850–1907
George Seurat 'Eiffel Tower' Natural T-shirt
City of Cinema White Embroidered Bucket Hat
City of Cinema Black Embroidered Bucket Hat
Petit Cinema: Dance
France 1900
France 1900
Paris Postcard Booklet
FlipbooKit Blank Card Kit
FlipbooKit Galloping Horse Card Set
Atget: Postcards of a Lost Paris
Cinema & the Invention of Modern Life
Circus Shadow Puppets
The Little Pleasures of Paris
This is my Paris: Do-It Yourself City Journal
Stickyscapes Paris
Toulouse-Lautrec & the Stars of Paris
The Paris of Toulouse-Lautrec: Prints and Posters From The Museum of Modern Art
Georges Méliès: First Wizard of Cinema (1896-1913) DVD Set
Paris in Photographs, 1890s
Set in Stone: Lithography in Paris 1815-1900
Illuminated Paris: Essays on Art and Lighting in the Belle Époque
Alice Guy Blache: Cinema Pioneer
Matelot Eiffel Journal
642 Things to Draw: Paris Pocket Size
Discovering Lost Films of Georges Méliès in fin-de-siècle Flip Books (1896-1901)
Lights! Camera! Alice!: The Thrilling True Adventures of the First Woman Filmmaker
Paris: The City of Lights Pop-Up Book
Clare V. Cotton Lavender 'Oui' Beanie
Movie Projector Pin
Cloud Pin
Cloud Pin
Silver Feather Pin
Bowler Hat Pin
Silver Camera Pin
Pigeon Pin
Pigeon Pin
Mini Daisy Pin
Lightning Pin
Lightning Pin

49 results