The Silence of the Women: Bamana Mud Cloths


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The Silence of the Women is the first full-length scholarly work devoted entirely to the textiles created by women of the Bamana people in Mali, West Africa. These traditional mud-dyed cloths have typically been treated as craft, but here, they are presented as a complex art form.

Author Sarah Brett-Smith sensitively explores the hidden cultural testimony written into the mud-cloth patterns, documenting women’s silent visual commentary on the events that dominate their lives—excision, arranged marriage, childbirth, and death. Exploring both art-historical and anthropological considerations of technique, style, symbolism, and function in Bamana textiles, this book illuminates a previously understudied art and gives voice to the women who make it.

- Hardcover
- 368 pages, 8 x 10 x 1.5 inches
- 130 color illustrations
- 2014
SKU: 35319

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