Under the Mexican Sky: Gabriel Figueroa Street Banner


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Experience Under the Mexican Sky: Gabriel Figueroa exhibition for years to come with a street banner created to celebrate this exhibit. The image is of frames are from a light test done for the film Pueblerina in 1948. The banner may not look too big from the sidewalk, but it is really large! 

From the early 1930s through the early 1980s, the Mexican cinematographer Gabriel Figueroa (1907–1997) helped forge an evocative and enduring image of Mexico. Among the most important cinematographers of the so-called Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, Figueroa worked with leading directors from Mexico, the United States and Europe, traversing a wide range of genres while maintaining his distinctive and vivid visual style. In the 1930s, Figueroa was part of a vibrant community of artists who sought to convey the country’s transformation following the trauma of the Mexican Revolution. Later, he adapted his approach to the very different sensibilities of directors Luis Buñuel and John Huston, among others. 

Our banners are the originals that hung on street poles in Los Angeles. The front and back of banner may be seen in the photograph, front is one side of banner pair, back is the other side. They have been professionally cleaned but please expect some weathering and wear. Condition does vary slightly between pieces.

- One authentic street banner, 3 x 8 feet
- Designed, fabricated and printed in Southern California for LACMA
- See images for banner front and back:
    Front of banner - Light test from the film Pueblerina
    Back of banner - Exhibition graphics

Light test from the film Pueblerina, directed by Emilo "El Indio" Fernandez, 1948 © Televisa Foundation
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