Gil Garcetti: Japan: A Reverence for Beauty Limited Edition


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When Gil Garcetti visited Japan for the first time in 1967, he was struck with how surrounded he was by beauty. Returning many times over the years Garcetti explored the concept of beauty in a project that is now released as a limited edition folio of lush color photographs. Five short essays provide thoughtful commentary on Japanese culture and tradition.

From the minute texture of moss on wet pavement to the expansive tapestry of an autumn forest; from a spider’s perfect web to the avant-garde skyline of Tokyo; from Shinto rites to stitching kimonos, this book provides the range of scale and breadth of subject matter that give true insight into the Japanese reverence for beauty. 

Essays: Everyday Altars of Beauty by Pico Iyer; Scattered Thoughts on Cherry Blossoms by Kendall H. Brown; The Aesthetics of Variations by Hitoshe Abe; Accumulation of Tema and Caring by Atsuko Tanaka; Photographer’s Statement by Gil Garcetti

- Hardcover 
- Limited edition of 900 signed and numbered folios
- Overall edition is 1000 copies 
- In English and Japanese
- 128 pages
- 104 illustrations in color

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