Diana Thater: Knots + Surfaces


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Diana Thater: Knots + Surfaces by Lynne Cooke documents a year-long exhibition at Dia Center for the Arts in which Diana Thater presented a large-scale, multiprojection video installation specifically designed to interact with the open architectural space of Dia's third-floor gallery.

A charged environment, combining layered projections with a wall of clustered monitors, becomes a metaphorical charting of multidimensional space. Referring to a recent mathematical hypothesis that correlates a complex, six-dimesional spatial model to a map of a honey bee's dance, Thater expands her abiding concern with the intersection of nature and culture. The book also includes an essay on Thater's work by Akira Lippit.

- Hardcover
- 48 pages
- Illustrated in color
- 2002

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